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Entries from December 2021

Betwixt and Between: 3 Tips for Better Living During Transitions

December 27th, 2021 · Comments

How can you stay calm, clear, focused and effective when you're in transition?  Use these 3 tips to consider how to be (and how to help someone else) when you find yourself betwixt and between stages, opportunities, or situations.

Tags: calm · focus · clear · adapt · direction

Focus on Strengths (when it‘s hard to see them)

December 19th, 2021 · Comments

This is a podcast version of a workshop on how to focus on the strengths in other people when those people are making it difficult. What can you do when you go into a conversation hoping for the best and find yourself being sucked into irritation or anxiety or confusion? Stop looking at the problems and start focusing on strengths. This podcast will walk you through three ways to do that.

Tags: Fresh Thinking · nlp · calm · mindset · leading · anxiety · focus · coaching

Find Strength in Connection

December 5th, 2021 · Comments

This isn't about leaning on your friends, and it's not about choosing friends that you could lean on. It's about going into every interaction ready to find something you need to think better or feel better. This is a condensed version of our 90 minute workshop, so be prepared to press pause and think a little in between exercises.

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