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How to clear your head

September 2nd, 2016 · Comments

Take about 10 minutes and think first about why you might want to clear your head.  Is it crammed with different priorities and information? Is it too full of past experience to move toward a better future? Maybe you need to let go of old learning to accelerate your progress in a new situation.  

Follow Linda's voice as she leads you through the layers of movement and perception that will leave you calm, refreshed, curious, and ready to perceive new information.

Tags: Trance · metaphor · calm · learning

Suggestions can be more powerful than commands

July 22nd, 2016 · Comments

Listen to this episode to discover how easily you are led to accept ideas that come from a trusted source in a relationship you value. Whether you are making or taking suggestions, it's appropriate to also take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this really what I want? how much of this motivation is a desire to stay connected? what else do I want now?

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Hypnosis for High Achievers

July 17th, 2016 · Comments

I am often approached by people I have trained in NLP with questions about how hypnosis would benefit them. I am not a hypnotist and I have not completed a certification in hypnosis, but I spend a lot of time looking for models of excellence and asking questions about what perceptual processes and states support high achievement.

In this episode, I'll explore the possible role of hypnosis in supporting the disciplined practice necessary to reach the top of any field. And I'll look at why deeper trances are unlikely to make the finely tuned behavioural change necessary for people who are already good to reach the next level of achievement.

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Relief for physical pain

June 15th, 2016 · Comments

Pain is experienced in your body, but it is created in your brain. When you appreciate that pain is a message designed to help you stay safe and heal, you can release your attention from the pain. At first, you notice the pain, and then you notice the parts of your body that are not experiencing pain. It becomes wonderful and interesting to explore what normal means and what normal allows you to do and to be. The episode takes you through an appreciation of your body's experience and your brain's experience and finally to your commitment to do what your brain and body need so that you can live with more engagement and more satisfaction.

If you're not in pain, listen for the strategy of gently disentangling the attention from being in pain (and therefore surrounded by it), to finding the self that exists around the pain (so that the pain is smaller than you are), to the goal of making choices with your attention and actions so that you are safe and you can be more satisfied.

Tags: Trance · nlp · healing · pain

I wish you enough: an exercise in choosing a more resourceful self

November 21st, 2015 · Comments

Many NLP trainers will talk about powerful anchors. An anchor is an object or physical sensation that is connected to a particular state or experience. 

Here's the truth: it's not the anchor that is powerful. It is the choice to connect with the best in yourself that is powerful.
But for many people, your best, most resourceful self seems out of reach. When you ask yourself for a time you were brave and clever and amazing, you come up blank. So let's start with something simpler, something easy to find, something potentially more useful.
Let's explore times when you had enough strength, enough flexibility, enough energy to do the thing you wanted to do in that moment. And then you can explore what difference it makes when you remind yourself that you can hold enough in the palm of your hand. . . because you are already enough.

Tags: Trance · Fresh Thinking · anchor · resource

A brief exercise to settle the monkeys in your mind so you can focus and work

October 20th, 2015 · Comments

When the Buddhists call it "monkey mind" they mean that the ideas, emotions, memories, passions and connections in your head act like a troop of monkeys, bouncing, climbing, feeding, interacting and making mischief. Use this brief exercise to help your monkeys settle into connection and prepare to work together.

Tags: Trance · Focus · nlp · communication

A short exercise in breathing big and becoming centred

July 13th, 2015 · Comments

You're not really the centre of the world. But you are the centre of your world, the centre that perceives and experiences and connects.

If you're tired, for the moment, of good advice and choices to make and to-do lists to accomplish, then stop for a few minutes and breathe with me.

Tags: Trance · Focus · healing

Help for Pain Management and Healing

January 5th, 2015 · Comments

I didn't intend to start 2015 with a podcast on healing, but the need to support healing has come up too often lately for me not to pay attention. This short recording is a reflection, a trance, a perspective. You will find it gives you fresh thinking on what is happening to the whole of yourself (mind and body and brain) when you are in pain and while you are healing.

Healing happens. Let it happen in you.

Tags: Trance · Fresh Thinking · healing

How will you know your heart’s desire? An old story about the power to choose

November 17th, 2014 · Comments

The stories you hear and remember become your stories. They are anchors to what you believe and what you expect and what difference you think that a choice can make. If you were a storyteller, you would find that some stories stick and some stories slip through your ears and are gone. You would find that the stories that stick, the stories that become your stories, are about you even when they are stories of another time and other people. If you hear a story and remember it, then it is your story. Your brain does not remember without a reason. So listen and notice what sticks and what other stories come to mind to tell you what you believe about finding your heart's desire.

Tags: Trance · Focus · storytelling

Lake Breeze

March 3rd, 2010 · Comments

A seven minute experience to cool, calm, heal and restore focus. At the end, it sends you back to do what you need to do, refreshed and ready.

Tags: Trance · Stress Management · Focus