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Entries from January 2016

Mastering Language: It’s not what you think

January 25th, 2016 · Comments

What do you think it takes to master language? Have you been looking for new vocabulary so that you will have the very best words? Maybe you've been searching for a script or formula to memorize so that you will always pull out just the right words at just the right moment. Somewhere, you suspect that this isn't quite right.

Language is not a thing: it's a connection. It connects experience with ideas, and people with other people, and you with the bigger self that produces most of your words. A master of language focuses attention on the connection they want to make, and then greet the words that come to them with expectation and curiosity. When you control your focus and your intention, you'll find that you pick words that give you important information about the connections you most want to make.

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Use the language of full engagement

January 4th, 2016 · Comments

In 5 minutes, you'll understand metaphor than you ever understood it in high school. Metaphor isn't just a concept from literature: it's the language of full engagement, the language that uses the most of your brain and reaches out to activate the most of someone else's brain/body/mind system. Using it better consciously takes a little time. It's like making change in the way you walk or pronounce words or breathe. You use metaphor so naturally, it's hard to change. The rewards for changing make it worth the effort. You'll become better at understanding your own thinking and changing other people's.

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