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How to Find Inspiration

July 2nd, 2016 · Comments

If you want to be inspired, you have to go looking for inspiration. Take a few minutes to let Linda guide you into your own experience, into landscapes with space and movement, and into your connection with people who are energized and engaged by their actions. You can be one of those people, when you begin with a focus on finding inspiration. Build a state that's ready for inspiration and take it back into your day. You will find the inspiration you're looking for.

Photo credit: Jeff Golden, Flickr, Creative Commons license

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You don’t need a fresh start: you need to make compost

March 27th, 2016 · Comments

It's the season when fresh starts seems possible. We look at flowers and green buds and think: "that's what I want. A fresh start."

But go for a walk in the woods and you'll come back spattered with mud. Nature doesn't start fresh: she starts with the muck of dead leaves and fallen branches and other things that decompose near the roots of trees. You've got the raw material for emotional compost: the hurt, the frustration, the guilt.  You don't need to make them disappear, you need to let them decompose and be transformed into the stuff that nurtures growth.

You don't have to keep your eyes on the muck: just find the compost pile and stir things up once in a while. The rest of the time, focus on warmth and light and air. You can be sure that chemistry works, and the muck will decompose into something useful.

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Use the language of full engagement

January 4th, 2016 · Comments

In 5 minutes, you'll understand metaphor than you ever understood it in high school. Metaphor isn't just a concept from literature: it's the language of full engagement, the language that uses the most of your brain and reaches out to activate the most of someone else's brain/body/mind system. Using it better consciously takes a little time. It's like making change in the way you walk or pronounce words or breathe. You use metaphor so naturally, it's hard to change. The rewards for changing make it worth the effort. You'll become better at understanding your own thinking and changing other people's.

Learn more at (where you can download our free ebook on Fully Engaged living).

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Celebrate Like It’s the Most Important Choice You’ll Make

December 21st, 2015 · Comments

Celebrations are fun - but are they important? Listen to find out why celebration is one of the most important choices we make as human beings. Anyone will pay attention and remember times of threat or suffering. We have to consciously make an effort to pay equal attention to times of achievement and satisfaction. When we do, we store the light we need in dark times.

Tags: Fresh Thinking · Focus · resource

I wish you enough: an exercise in choosing a more resourceful self

November 21st, 2015 · Comments

Many NLP trainers will talk about powerful anchors. An anchor is an object or physical sensation that is connected to a particular state or experience. 

Here's the truth: it's not the anchor that is powerful. It is the choice to connect with the best in yourself that is powerful.
But for many people, your best, most resourceful self seems out of reach. When you ask yourself for a time you were brave and clever and amazing, you come up blank. So let's start with something simpler, something easy to find, something potentially more useful.
Let's explore times when you had enough strength, enough flexibility, enough energy to do the thing you wanted to do in that moment. And then you can explore what difference it makes when you remind yourself that you can hold enough in the palm of your hand. . . because you are already enough.

Tags: · Fresh Thinking · anchor · resource

4 Chairs: Shift Perspectives to Shift a Problem

November 3rd, 2015 · Comments

Maybe you're stuck. You've been hurt or disappointed and you don't know what to do next. You're reaching for something you can't quite define. You're doing well, but you've hit the edge of your interest and there's no clear path ahead.  

Take 10 minutes and imagine that you have the chance to sit with 3 people, someone you trust, someone you admire, someone who loves you. If you could see through their eyes, what would you discover that you don't know now? What new attitude or information would come into your awareness to help you find that next step?

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A guided exercise to find the you who is genuinely thankful

October 10th, 2015 · Comments

Sometimes it's hard to feel thankful on cue. You might know that mindful gratitude is a wonderful attitude that leads to all kinds of benefits. It does, but how do you get there? For many people, thanksgiving holidays are a reminder that they are alone, or that their families are nuts, or that they have way too much to do. You might be stressed or insecure or tired. What's the best way to put all that aside and notice that you are already thankful? What's the best way to get from grumpy to glad?

Tags: · Stress Management · Fresh Thinking · Focus · gratitude

From Monkeys to Miracles: How Language Works

October 6th, 2015 · Comments

I'd really love you to be part of our symposium in Toronto on October 17. But even if you can't, this introduction will get you thinking differently about how our monkey minds resist the clarity of language, and how we sometimes achieve the miracle of communication anyway. Leading Words is going to be a day that transforms the way people think about time, energy, words and a life well-lived. You'll meet interesting people, share stories of courage and creativity, and engage in conversations that mean something. October 17, Toronto, Ontario,

Tags: Fresh Thinking · language · communication

We are wired for connection, and our wires get crossed

September 21st, 2015 · Comments

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you know the right thing when you hear it or do you just know it?  Understanding your personality might be less helpful than understanding how all human brain/mind/body systems are wired. 

It's complicated. On the one hand, humans are pack animals who have highly sophisticated, complex internal systems for reading each other's expressions, getting into sync, and collaborating. On the other, each human being has a distinct sense of themselves as individual. The voice in your head tells you that what you want matters because you are the only "you" on the planet. The wiring in your brain wants to sync with the wants of the people around you.  It's noisy in there.

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So You Want More Control?

September 10th, 2015 · Comments

Welcome back after a summer break. Today's episode is about how to get more control: control of yourself, control of your situation, control of what other people will do or notice.

The person with the best choices has the most control. Learn how to change your thinking so you have better choices available to you.

Tags: Fresh Thinking · Focus · communication

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