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Take 3 steps away from feeling discouraged

November 26th, 2016 · Comments

You might be in a slump or a losing streak or a you might just hate the holidays. It's a time of year when many people add up their accomplishments and treasures and they feel beat up instead of pumped up.

If that's you, take a few minutes to listen to these three steps that will help you keep going until you notice that things are getting much better.

Tags: Fresh Thinking · hope · healing

Relief for physical pain

June 15th, 2016 · Comments

Pain is experienced in your body, but it is created in your brain. When you appreciate that pain is a message designed to help you stay safe and heal, you can release your attention from the pain. At first, you notice the pain, and then you notice the parts of your body that are not experiencing pain. It becomes wonderful and interesting to explore what normal means and what normal allows you to do and to be. The episode takes you through an appreciation of your body's experience and your brain's experience and finally to your commitment to do what your brain and body need so that you can live with more engagement and more satisfaction.

If you're not in pain, listen for the strategy of gently disentangling the attention from being in pain (and therefore surrounded by it), to finding the self that exists around the pain (so that the pain is smaller than you are), to the goal of making choices with your attention and actions so that you are safe and you can be more satisfied.

Tags: · nlp · healing · pain

Mindful limits: How language helps you find the edges of your pain

March 14th, 2016 · Comments

This exercise takes less than 10 minutes to demonstrate that mindful attention in response to language allows you to find the edge to your experience of pain. As you do, you'll find your breathing settles, your mind clears, and you develop the ability to choose to focus on your pain or to focus on what is on the other side of the edges of your pain.  And if you do focus on your pain, you will find that human focus blurs, so that paying attention to only one thing creates a sense of calm and space, even when what you give your focus is painful at first. And you will notice that on the other side of the edges of your pain, you are calm and centred and you have what you need to move forward.

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A short exercise in breathing big and becoming centred

July 13th, 2015 · Comments

You're not really the centre of the world. But you are the centre of your world, the centre that perceives and experiences and connects.

If you're tired, for the moment, of good advice and choices to make and to-do lists to accomplish, then stop for a few minutes and breathe with me.

Tags: · Focus · healing

Help for Pain Management and Healing

January 5th, 2015 · Comments

I didn't intend to start 2015 with a podcast on healing, but the need to support healing has come up too often lately for me not to pay attention. This short recording is a reflection, a trance, a perspective. You will find it gives you fresh thinking on what is happening to the whole of yourself (mind and body and brain) when you are in pain and while you are healing.

Healing happens. Let it happen in you.

Tags: · Fresh Thinking · healing

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